Why and how we learn

When we are young we have to learn in order to start becoming more like those around us, meaning, we have to learn how to walk, how to talk, eat, etc. These are necessary acquirements. As we grow older and acquire all these “fundamental” behaviors and manners it is...

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Kids – Do I want kids? Why do people want children?

“Do I want kids? “ I ask myself sometimes. 2 Years ago I would have said: absolutely. But now I am not so sure anymore. For so many people, including my mom, their kids become their only hobby. They don’t have time anymore to explore, try new things and...

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Attachments, family and friends

In the last year, I started to believe that attachments are not beneficial for one’s personal freedom, experiences, and development. My mom used to tell me that family is really important because family always sticks together. I never understood that. The people of my family to me were always...

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why do our priorities shift from friendship to relationship?

The book I am currently reading contains the story of a friendship, which reminds me of a relationship I once had to my childhood best friend.  Unfortunately, we started drifting apart in the last couple of years, because our conceptions toward life, our ideas, beliefs, and moral concepts started...

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Habour Yantai China

love – being in love – falling out of love – …

Love. Being in love. It´s weird. Everywhere you go, love (and I mean romantic love) is presented as one of the most amazing, valuable and beautiful things that exist. But is it really? From my experience love makes you blind. Not completely, but enough to make you suppress, overlook...

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Diversity - Bottle Caps

heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / …?

Today I saw this really pretty girl in the subway. She had dark brown walnut-shaped eyes, nice full nude-colored lips and a piercing in her left nostril. Her dark brown hair was at shoulder-length, her skin was tanned and looked soft and she was wearing a short loose grey...

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Tempelhoferfeld Berlin

opinions – beliefs

People seem so confident talking about different topics and expressing their opinion. They sound so sure of what they are saying is right and correct, so convinced of their belief. But how can they be? When someone asks me a question about something that I never put thought to,...

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Kunyu Mountain China

writing, speaking, opinions

I always really liked writing. It was and is some sort of meditation for me. Writing helps me not only to release stress and anger but also to sort and visualize my thoughts, organize myself and even express my thoughts to others. For me, it’s a different but great...

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Coast Yantai China


I am standing in front of life, trying to figure out who I am, who I want to be, where I want to go, overwhelmed by the thousands of possibilities in front of me, lost within myself and lost between choices. I am sitting in my room watching a...

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Thoughts, opinions & quotes

„For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”