Open and self-confident but conservative and quite.


Thoughtful and reflective but (sometimes) inattentive.


Smart and considerate but credulous and naive.


Organized but confusing.


Cordial but careful.


That’s me.





I´ve lived in (what I consider quite a lot in respect to my age) Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany and China and I plan to live in many more. My younger self would have been much more modest, but I like how I have lived my life so far, what I have already experienced at my young age and how I have handled the things that happened to me in my life. There are moments in which I still feel lost in this big world, not knowing what path to take, doubting my decisions, but most of the time I feel confident, certain, secure and excited about life. I know there are people out there with similar thoughts, difficulties, and ideas to mine, so for me, this journal is not only to organize my thoughts, helping to reflect myself but it also might be a way to find and connect with other people that vibrate on the same frequency as I do.