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I always really liked writing. It was and is some sort of meditation for me. Writing helps me not only to release stress and anger but also to sort and visualize my thoughts, organize myself and even express my thoughts to others. For me, it’s a different but great way to communicate. I feel like it has more meaning then spoken words because you can really put thought into what you want to say. Maybe I am only speaking for myself, but a lot of the times when I am talking with someone especially about a sensitive topic, I say things which don´t really reflect my opinion, but because I am in a conversation and my partner expects a response from me, I say whatever crosses my mind at that time and sounds kind of reasonable to me. But later on, when I keep thinking about the conversation, I often change my point of view, because not till then I can really put thought to what we were talking about and only then I reach my conclusions and form my opinion.

I noticed that most of the time people seem so confident talking about different topics and expressing their opinion. They sound so sure of what they are saying being right and correct, so convinced of their belief. But how can they be?

When someone asks me a question about something that I never put thought to, how can I form an opinion within seconds and present my conclusion right away? Often by discussing and analyzing a certain subject I start forming my opinion and even then I wouldn´t be assured of my viewpoint being the most truthful, because I know that there are so many other things to consider. Different experiences lead to different points of view, so how can one ever be certain of their knowledge?

2 thoughts on “writing, speaking, opinions”

  1. I could easily comment on every single one of your journal entries and even respond to them from multiple angles like my own experience, the stories of other people I´ve crossed paths with or subjective rationality.
    I´ve thought about doing that like a gazillion times.
    But I´m not going, because I´m worried any or all of these things would be too invasive. Adding an alien layer of reflection on top of your highly personal musings via a comment section doesn´t feel right.
    There´s no immediate feedback, no way to tell whether I´ve crossed a line with anything I´ve written, no way to tell whether how I´ve understood a certain word, line or paragraph is even close to what the author wanted to express with it.
    It´s an invitation to go on about me, me and well… me, when none of it was ever supposed to be about me in the first place.

    1. Well, I think the exchange of opinions and experiences is (at least for me) very valuable and important. I like hearing about other peoples thoughts and perspectives on things and I always find something I can learn or take out of the other person opinion. Putting your thoughts out to the world or confronting someone with your way of thinking could make you feel like your trying to convince someone of your beliefs being right, but it is always on the other person to decide whether he/she welcomes a different idea and whats to accept or refuse certain aspects of the new or different concept.
      So concerning me, please don´t hesitate to display your thoughts about anything I write or even anything at all 🙂

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