Tempelhoferfeld Berlin

People seem so confident talking about different topics and expressing their opinion. They sound so sure of what they are saying is right and correct, so convinced of their belief. But how can they be?

When someone asks me a question about something that I never put thought to, how can I form an opinion within seconds and present my conclusion right away? Often by discussing and analyzing a certain subject I start forming my opinion and even then I wouldn´t be assured of my viewpoint being the most truthful, because I know that there are so many other things to consider. Different experiences lead to different points of view, so how can one ever be certain of their knowledge?

I think it is important to always be open and also always be searching for new ideas and thoughts because otherwise, you get stuck on one conception and that restrains your ability or rather the possibility to keep on growing and learning about yourself, the world and people. I think, never to take something for certain and never believing that there is only one (correct) way to explain and perceive the world, allows me to stay rather objective and so much more receptive to information, the world and other peoples experiences and beliefs and thereby to knowledge.

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