Diversity - Bottle Caps

Today I saw this really pretty girl in the subway. She had dark brown walnut-shaped eyes, nice full nude-colored lips and a piercing in her left nostril. Her dark brown hair was at shoulder-length, her skin was tanned and looked soft and she was wearing a short loose grey dress. When I saw her I had one of these moments, where I become curious about the other gender.
Certainly, for a lot of people, there is no doubt that they prefer either the male or the female gender, but I guess there also must be people like me. In our society, I was and am usually surrounded by heterosexual people. That’s what I grew up with. Seeing that man and woman being together is what is “normal”. So obviously that´s what I did as well: I became interested in the masculine species, without even considering the other gender. I remember my parents telling me whenever we were talking about boys, that it would also be ok to like girls and made sure that I know, that it is my choice and they don´t care about whether I prefer boys or girls. That always made me a little uncomfortable, because I was sure that I liked boys. But in fact, I never actually felt repelled by the other gender.
With the little experience I´ve collected so far I can tell that I definitely like the opposite gender, but what´s wrong with liking both? I will never know without having tried both. How can anybody know their sexuality without having tried all possibilities?

If I ever get the chance to try I will no doubt take it. Only then I can be sure.

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