“Do I want kids? “ I ask myself sometimes. 2 Years ago I would have said: absolutely. But now I am not so sure anymore.
For so many people, including my mom, their kids become their only hobby. They don’t have time anymore to explore, try new things and discover the world because they are too busy raising their children and earning enough money to provide them with all the things they need. But the personal needs and wants get lost on the way.

Moreover, having children usually ties you to a place, because you want them to get an education and the chance of building their own life and suddenly you have to worry not only about yourself and your personal wants and needs but about another person that needs food and clothes and toys and attention, love, time…

Also, there is the upbringing, the breeding of your child. There are so many ways you can raise your children and so many things to consider and think about. How can you know the perfect way to raise your child? So many things influence the subconsciousness and the way they are going to think, feel and be when they grow older. I would always be worried about how my actions, my behavior, my child’s surroundings shapes and influences their life.


Aside from that, I wondered about the motivations of people having children. Why do people want to have kids? What I have been noticing so far is that people are afraid of being alone, especially when they get older. So having a child is some sort of prevention of being alone when you’re old because as I mentioned in my previous post, family is always family, but friends are not always going to be friends.

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