For a long time, I’ve been noticing how negative most people are. People seem to have forgotten how to talk and focus on the good things in life. That’s almost not surprising because nowadays all we get informed about in the news and on the radio are the problems and conflicts in the world. Hearing about all the negative things that happen in the world day by day obviously influences us and how we perceive the world.

So that is what we start focussing on. Problems, burdens, annoyances, struggles, etc. And it becomes a habit; something we feel excited talking about. Nowadays people like to complain and chat about things they disapprove of. I feel like it gives them a sense of satisfaction. Enumerating all the faults and imperfections of others lets oneself stand in a better light. We feel better about ourselves when count down all the mistakes others make.

The worst thing about this though is that we start using these negative external forces as a justification for our own problems. We blame others for how we feel, instead of recognizing that we ourselves are responsible for our emotions, our actions, our behavior. We look for the reason of failure and dissatisfaction in others and not in ourselves. But that is the real source of how we feel and of what happens to us in this illusionary world.

Because in this world consist of energy. Everything is energy and is vibrating on a certain frequency. And entities that vibrate on the same frequency attract each other. That’s why it is so important to focus on the good things in life. That way your body/your energy becomes a magnet for the things you are focussing on and you’ll automatically attract those things.


How can anyone always only focus on the positive things in life; There are certain problems and difficulties one has to face throughout their lifetime, that’s just how it is, one might say.
But that is different. Of course, there are certain challenges and letdowns in everybody’s life and surely it is important to recognize, analyze, and learn from them. Sometimes it also can be really helpful talking about them with someone else. But it is important to understand, that you alone are responsible for how you feel and only you yourself can change something about your circumstances. Even in times with difficulties and struggles it is necessary to accept, change, rethink, and move on.

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