When we are born everything is new. We are overwhelmed by all the colors, images, and sounds of the world we arrived in. Overpowered by all the new exciting things. Everything is possible. Everything is imaginable.

But as we grow older and older our environment, the society, and the world keeps telling us how things are supposed to work, how we have to behave, what and how we are supposed to think, what is possible and what is impossible. We even get told how our dreams should look like and what our desires should be. And the world that once looked so endlessly full of possibilities gets smaller and smaller and our imagination that could create anything we want slowly dies within us.

As our imagination dies our possibilities to create the life we desire deep within us dies as well, because we lose the ability to be creative, to imagine and therefore create our own world, our own life. Because nothing is impossible as long as we believe in it.

But how do we get back to the state of believing? Believing in ourselves, believing in the world, and believing in our dreams.

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