My view, my mind, my consciousness zoomed out further and further and I saw the world and life from above, from the outside, completely demure and neutral. And I became aware of how we get lost in everyday life. Totally submerged and trapped in the structures and networks of this society. We have certain ideas of possibilities, impossibilities, attainabilities, unattainabilities, and we always only see a tiny section of what really is. But what is real? Everything and nothing. We feel constricted, and we think that we only have a small span in which we can move, but this is not true. We create our life. We have to break out of the networks in which society wants to keep us imprisoned in order to maintain peace, order and obedience. Because a person who understands that everything is possible is dangerous. Difference is dangerous. That’s why society is built in such as way that people, their lives, their minds, their opinions etc. are kept the same. Difference and autonomy would break the system that is built on commonality, group (membership), and homogeneity.

We are caught in our own small cosmos, in which we are the center, around which everything revolves, from which everything originates. But if you zoom out further and further, you realize how insignificant you are. How insignificant your own life is because you just are one in millions of others. When I die, my world comes to an end and my death influences more or less the lives of a couple of people around me. But in percentage, me and my world, my environment mean nothing. On the face of it, without me, life would still go on.
So why do we worry so much about everything? We are everything (to ourselves) and nothing (in the grand scheme of things).

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